How can i make sure that my packaging design is durable enough to protect fragile items during shipping?

Shipping isn't typically considered to be one of the most exciting parts of running an e-commerce business. Therefore, preparing fragile items for shipment can be especially onerous. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safe delivery of your fragile products. Here are some tips for shipping fragile items to your company.

Packages may have to remain on customers' porches during storms, high winds, or other inclement weather. If you ship a lot of fragile items for your business, you might even consider investing in a stamp to be used on all your packages. Print and paste shipping labels and any special labels needed for oversized packaging. For example, if your product is perfume, the product packaging is the glass bottle with the brand's label.

For that reason, you'll probably want to use packing tape, zip-lock bags, or other secure packaging materials to keep the wrappers in place until the package reaches its destination. It is essential for shippers to understand that the coverage is not insurance, but simply establishes the carrier's maximum liability claim for any total loss or damage that a package may suffer during transportation. While these stickers don't necessarily harm, they only help your package to a certain extent to receive special treatment while it's being handled by carriers. An attractive package can also offer you free advertising, as customers will enjoy posting unpacking videos on their social networks.

If the consumer pays for the UPS store to pack the package and the customer also pays for excess value coverage, it is 100% covered in case of damage. Then use Flexi-Hex Air Sleeves, GreenWrap, or 100% recycled wrapping paper to wrap your items and place the padded and wrapped products in the shipping box. When preparing items for shipping according to all the carrier's requirements, be sure to place the shipping label on the larger area. Otherwise, if your package is opened during the shipping process, all that hard work you put into wrapping that fragile item won't do any good.

Often, your package is managed by highly automated teams, which means that no one reads or responds to these stickers. This impresses their customers, who receive their package on time from a uniformed professional representative. Print the shipping labels provided by the carrier and attach them to your packages with transparent adhesive tape. When shipping products to a retailer and placing them in stores, you'll need to consider different packaging requirements.