How can i make sure that my packaging design is lightweight and easy to transport?

Consumer goods companies are redesigning existing packaging and ensuring that new designs are environmentally friendly. A widely used strategy is “lightening”: reducing the size and weight of packaging so that products are lighter to transport and, therefore, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping. Henkel has reduced the thickness of the metal packaging of its Taft hairspray, saving more than 15% of the material and water used in production. The company says the redesign saves up to 3,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions and 900,000 cubic meters of water each year.

You should also make sure that the color of the packaging matches the rest of the images on the packaging. Of course, you want your brand logo to stand out on food packaging, so make sure that the colors don't clash. The benefits of flexible packaging cannot be overstated. Lightweight and easy to open, transport, store and reseal, flexible packaging extends the shelf life of many products, especially food, and has a positive sustainability profile.

It is important to know some details about the product to be packaged before delving into the details of the available films. Not to mention the visual appeal and ease of use of packaging, which allowed them to increase their visibility in retail. In the coming years, as trends come and go, reducing packaging material will be more than just a trend and, in some cases, a requirement for retailers. It's important to understand these health and safety requirements before designing food packaging.

These are all important questions with answers that will undoubtedly affect the design of your food package. Recording and analyzing information about fluctuating material costs, material waste, damage to products or packaging, task completion times, and other data points allows you to take a closer look at your current operations. Containers that are difficult to handle cause slow production lines, packaging delays and damage to materials or products. The designer specifies the type of container he wants to create, for example, a PET bottle, and then enters the data into the software: the weight and proportions of the components, the base materials and the details of the label and the cap or closing system.

Because it's reliable and lightweight, flexible PVC helps packages do their job of maintaining the integrity of the products inside them, including medications. Most of the time, this film is confused with shrink films such as the simple polyolefin mentioned above because they are visually similar on the roll, but work very differently when it comes to protecting the packaging. With so many types of flexible packaging films available, you're sure to find the right packaging for your product. Because of its many economic and environmental advantages, lightweight packaging has become a buzzword in the packaging industry.

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