How to apply the hot melt tape?

PPM is well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both tapes, offering a wide variety of different tapes, both with hot melt adhesive and acrylic, ideal for different types of applications. Because these adhesives are more aggressive, once applied, extreme force would be needed to cause the adhesive to separate from itself. In general, hot melt adhesive often provides the most viable material solution for carton and carton sealing operations with larger volumes of similarly sized cartons. It is recommended for applications where hot melt will remain in pots for extended periods of time or where charcoal and stringing have been a problem.

Low cost but not quality, EconoPack is a hot melt adhesive made in the USA. It is perfect for standard carton and carton closure applications. If, like us, you are impressed by the many advantages that hot melt has over tape in case sealing and packaging construction, we have some great hot melt products for you to try. Hot melt tapes are hydrophobic, or “afraid of water,” so they may not work well in a humid environment.

The application temperature is when the tape is applied, while the service temperature is where the tape is stored. As you can see, the final application is ultimately what determines the most appropriate type of adhesive for the job. Not only does hot melt create a stronger and more attractive bond on the packaging, it also leaves a trace if someone handles a package. While it is only a small part of the overall operation of the packaging line, selecting the right packaging tape for your application is critical to the success of carton sealing.

If you're not already a tapeguru, trying to determine if your packaging application requires acrylic tape or hot melt tape can raise some questions in your mind. Shurtape HP 132 and HP 232 are specially formulated with a resin and synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive that provides an instant, permanent bond in sub-zero temperatures to keep packages sealed and secured. While they may be easier on the lines thanks to the release layer and produce a stronger bond to cartons, hot melt tapes may not offer the longevity, UV resistance and temperature range required for some applications.