Is acrylic tape waterproof?

I would tape it between the base and where it goes out, to limit the light shining through the fixture. Acrylic adhesives can be used for indoor or outdoor applications as they are waterproof and “weather resistant”. Acrylic tapes also have a higher resistance to oxidation, which allows it not to be influenced by exposure to sunlight. These tapes are used in foam tape applications and construction and plumbing applications, such as pipe joints.

You can also contact us if you have further questions about the temperature resistance of polyimide tapes and films. Water-based acrylic PSAs are typically composed of adhesive polymers synthesized from vinyl acrylic monomers. In addition, acrylic can withstand ever higher temperatures and perform better than rubber adhesives when exposed to chemicals. Pure acrylics have lower adhesion (“stickiness when dry to the layman”) and less adhesion on difficult-to-bond plastics, such as high and low density polyethylene (HDPE & LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) than acrylic or modified rubber adhesives.

Silicone adhesives are relatively expensive and have a very low initial tack, but can withstand higher temperatures than rubber and acrylic adhesives. Styrenic block copolymers, for example, are often used for adhesives in containers and double-sided tapes. Acrylic adhesives are naturally tacky, so they don't require as many additives during the manufacturing process as rubber adhesives. I like a silicone adhesive (which sticks to the tape and not to my powder-coated product or painted metal), which can be glued for years on expensive products and still leaves no residue.

Most graphic stickers are made from acrylic, and acrylic adhesives can be water-based or solvent-based. Because butyl tapes are extremely durable, with good bending properties, they are often used in applications where a tight bond is required. Both acrylic adhesive and rubber would work, but acrylic adhesive will work better, as it will also leave the least residue after removal. By offering a good balance of adhesion, shear and adhesion, tapes with acrylic adhesive systems are resistant to thermal and UV degradation.