What are the most common mistakes made when designing packaging for e-commerce products?

Be sure to check the copy of all advertising and packaging design material two or three times (ideally by a professional). Sustainability is the key for environmentally conscious consumers, and companies must strive to do their part by choosing functional and aesthetic packaging designs that help not harm the environment. While standardized packaging designs have the advantage of saving time and money, it's best to avoid those generics for the sake of your business. For this reason, use every aspect of packaging to increase awareness, build trust and create unique identifiers for your brand.

Unfortunately, even a tiny flaw in the functional design can make the package difficult to open and make customers furious. Not striving to create a custom design from scratch and differentiate yourself from the competition is a clear design error. Packaging designers have well-established project management processes that are essential to obtaining a high-quality end result. While duct tape isn't always the best package sealer, boxes that are closed with glue are even more difficult to open, which can be frustrating for shoppers and causing them to damage their purchases without realizing it.

However, there are more examples of designs that aren't necessarily a purchase incentive for a customer. Every product on the market needs an appropriate package that works as a branding, protection and marketing tool. Request a quote for an optimal packaging experience. You can trust us for valuable solutions that strengthen trust in your brand.

Creating and customizing exceptional packaging with great attention, care and contemplation is essential to capture consumers' attention and drive purchasing decisions. They also help you avoid costly customer service issues that you would likely run into if you tried to design your packaging yourself.