What is hot melt kraft paper tape?

Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive, also known as hot glue.

Hot melt

tapes exhibit significantly higher adhesion compared to acrylic tape. They have superior holding power (called shear value) and tensile strength, with a fast grip. InfinityPack is a glue stick for low odor, high quality and high performance packaging.

Quick-setting hot melt offers instant adhesion and can be used in adjustable temperature guns. It is ideal for applications in standard cardboard, corrugated packaging, most coated materials, end-of-line repackaging and carton-to-wood. Hot melt tapes have significantly higher adhesion compared to acrylic tape. A hot melt tape is ideal for applications involving machine-applied tapes, overfilled cartons or cartons with a high degree of recycled content.

They work well in temperatures ranging from 45°F to 120°F. Hot melt tape is a strong adhesive tape that works well on recycled and corrugated boxes. A hot melt tape is known to withstand extremely high temperatures. Due to its excellent water resistance, it can protect the item against any moisture conditions.

Compared to acrylic adhesive tape, it offers greater adhesion. It also offers exceptional clamping force along with tensile strength. This tape is perfect for applications involving overfilled cartons and machine-applied tapes. Works well in temperatures between 45° F and 120° F.

An acrylic tape offers a wider temperature range compared to a hot melt tape, which ranges from 32° F to 14° F. This durable Kraft paper tape uses a biodegradable hot melt adhesive and a high quality, easy to tear Kraft paper backing for a 100% biodegradable alternative to traditional packaging tapes. Kraft paper adhesive tape TS301-30 is a kind of viscous hot melt adhesive tape, which is made of kraft paper and coated with hot melt adhesive on one side. In addition to the proven speed and cost benefits, hot melt can create a strong, continuous bond along each packing seam to which it is applied.

InfinityPack is a bulk packaging hot melt made of premium EVA with excellent thermal stability and low viscosity. An optimized hot melt adhesive formula results in increased shear, adhesion and adhesion to produce better seals, regardless of the recycled content of the carton. The Infinity Freezer Pack Bulk Hot Melt Freezer Pack stands up to even the coldest environments. In the past, acrylic tapes were the choice for these applications, as hot melts were almost impossible to apply because their adhesive hardened too quickly.

That means that hot melt sealed packages will carry more weight and withstand more pressure than sealed boxes. While they may be easier on the lines thanks to the release layer and produce a stronger bond to cartons, hot melt tapes may not offer the longevity, UV resistance and temperature range required for some applications. Shurtape HP 132 and HP 232 are specially formulated with a resin and synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive that provides an instant and permanent bond in sub-zero temperatures to keep packages sealed and secured. Read on to understand the fundamental differences between hot-melt carton sealing tapes and acrylic packaging tape, and what to expect from both.

This durable Kraft paper tape uses a biodegradable hot melt adhesive and an easy to tear and high quality Kraft paper backing for a. .