What is hot melt kraft tape?

A hot melt tape is known to withstand extremely high temperatures. Due to its excellent water resistance, it can protect the item against any moisture conditions. Compared to acrylic adhesive tape, it offers greater adhesion. It also offers exceptional holding strength along with tensile strength.

Infinity Melt CleanPack hot melt glue sticks are metallocene-based hot melt. This differs from traditional EVA in that it melts extremely clean and almost odorless. It offers fast set time, strong initial tack and works great with hard-to-bond cardboard, corrugated board, coated materials and packaging substrates. Hot melt tapes have a significantly higher adhesion compared to acrylic tape.

They have superior holding power (referred to as shear value) and superior tensile strength, with fast adhesion. A hot melt tape is ideal for applications involving machine-applied tapes, overfilled cartons or cartons with a high degree of recycled content. They work well in temperatures ranging from 45°F to 120°F. Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive, also known as hot glue.

A hot melt tape is ideal for applications involving machine-applied tapes, overfilled cartons or boards with a high degree of recycled content. Hot melt tape is a strong adhesive tape that works well on recycled and corrugated boxes. Read on to understand the fundamental differences between hot-melt carton sealing tapes and acrylic packaging tape, and what to expect from both. Shurtape HP 132 and HP 232 are specially formulated with a resin and synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive that provides an instant, permanent bond in sub-zero temperatures to keep packages sealed and secured.

According to the different application purposes, the recipe of the hot melt adhesive packaging tape can be adjusted. That means that hot melt sealed packages will carry more weight and withstand more pressure than sealed boxes. Hot melt tapes are hydrophobic, or “afraid of water,” so they may not work well in a humid environment. Hot Melt creates instant closure (excellent adhesion) on medium-weight cartons for everyday shipping environments.

Acrylic packaging tapes, on the other hand, offer a wider temperature range than hot melt tapes, ranging from 32°F to 140. Hot melt tape has high peel adhesion and easy unwinding force than other tapes, so it is widely used for carton sealing with automatic packaging machines. If, like us, you are impressed by the many advantages that hot melt has over tape in case sealing and packaging construction, we have some great hot melt products for you to try. It is recommended for applications where hot melt will remain in pots for extended periods of time or where charcoal and stringing have been a problem.

This durable Kraft paper tape uses a biodegradable hot melt adhesive and a high quality, easy to tear Kraft paper backing for a 100% biodegradable alternative to traditional packaging tapes. PPM is well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both tapes, offering a wide variety of different tapes, both with hot melt adhesive and acrylic, ideal for different types of applications. Acrylic usually costs less than Hot Melt, but it is equally good for light and medium sized cartons.