What types of materials should be used to ensure that e-commerce products remain safe and secure during shipping?

The rest of the box can be filled with filling material, such as peanuts for packing, crumpled paper, or styrofoam. These packages are best for shipping small, flat, or delicate items, such as jewelry, handmade items, books, or electronic devices. You can add additional protection with recyclable paper or bubble wrap, although the latter is a less environmentally friendly option for packaging. A fragile sticker or label will tell carriers that they should handle the box with care.

You can even use multiple stickers to make sure that carriers see them, as long as they don't cover the shipping label. E-commerce sales are accelerating at a breakneck pace, which is creating new opportunities for many. However, shipping via e-commerce increases the risk of the product being damaged during transit. Protecting products throughout the supply chain, from the warehouse to the front door, has never been more important.

It must have a package design that can withstand the rigors of cross-country shipping. See our packaging guide for some things to consider when choosing your corner and edge protection provider. When you print a packing slip on Shopify, you can customize its content and product packaging design by adding or removing elements, such as your logo or product images, with Liquid, a templating language created by Shopify. Custom foam inserts are ideal for products with multiple fragile components and for cases that need a good product presentation.

Otherland always uses quality materials and an eye-catching presentation to create a memorable brand unpacking experience for its customers. In almost all cases, the larger your order size for different packaging materials, the lower the cost. Retailers should prepare for this in advance and carry out a thorough safety check before the holiday season begins. Once you have an SSL certificate for your e-commerce site, you can move from HTTP to HTTPS, which serves as a sign of trust to customers that your site is secure.

East Coast Packaging is a popular choice for packaging materials, offering more than 1300 sizes of product boxes, bubble envelopes, cartons and package cushions. If there isn't enough filling material in the package, the products will bounce back inside the box and be damaged along the way. When adding padding and padding material to your package, make sure that the box has enough space for sufficient cushioning around the delivered item. If you're packing lightweight products such as t-shirts, you might use a polyurethane bag with its own adhesive strip.

You need to make sure that your customers understand exactly how to use the product for their specific needs, so that getting started is easy. To find out the size of the box you need for your item, measure the length, width and depth of the product and then add 4 to 6 inches to each measurement. The strength of e-commerce packaging materials The last thing the end user will want to see when their delivery arrives is a damaged box. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to learn about e-commerce security best practices and the types of attacks to watch out for.

As you prepare for the next BFCM shopping season, make sure you have enough supplies on hand, boxes of the right size, and enough product labels, stickers, notes, etc.